Factoring Polynomials Game

This free math video shows a fun game to play to give practice in making and then factoring polynomials. There is multiplication practice hidden inside this game and it only takes about five minutes!

These “algebra blocks” are made from Base Ten Flats and Rods covered with paper and Mod Podge.

I’m learning how to teach algebra this way from CrewtonRamonesHouseOfMath.com. It’s just amazing how simple it all is when you can see it as a picture!

Factoring Polynomials with 2x Squared

After factoring polynomials with only one X2, my girls wanted to try it with 2x2 so I let them have at it. This free math video shows what they did…

These ideas come directly from Crewton Ramone’s House of Math. I only learned how to do this two weeks ago. He’s been teaching it for 22 years, so go check out his stuff!