How To Combine Your Kids for Many Subjects

Put each child in their individual Math and Language Arts level, then combine for History, Geography, Science, Literature, etc. This will save you a ton of time and keep your kids engaged instead of sitting in front of workbooks or a computer all day. It works best for K-6th. Kids can be more independent in middle and high school, but I am still doing a daily “Morning Time” with my teens where we join together for things like poetry, music or art appreciation, and a read aloud. You can piece this together yourself, but my guess is that, if you are finding yourself thrown into this world unwillingly, you are overwhelmed and want someone to do it for you….



Simply Charlotte Mason (K-12, Daily Schedule with lots of hand-holding)

A Modern Charlotte Mason (1-12, Daily Schedule, order a Bundle)

A Gentle Feast (K-12)

My Father’s World (Charlotte Mason/Classical, 3rd-8th grade combined)

Gather Round Homeschool (Unit Studies, K-12)

Five in a Row (PreK-5?)

Charlotte Mason Plenary Curriculum Guides (K-12, Guides help you create your own schedule and book list)

The Peaceful Press (PreK-6th)


RESOURCES EASILY USED FOR COMBINING THOUGH NOT MARKETED AS SUCH (just choose a grade level package that fits the whole group best, then add Math and LA for individual kids)

Sonlight (Christian, K-12)

Bookshark (secular, K-12)



Exploring Nature With Children (Nature Study, Science, Art Appreciation, Poetry – K-5)

Beautiful Feet Books (History, Literature, Geography – K-12)

The Story of the World (History, secular, 1-8)

The Good and the Beautiful (History, 1-12)

TruthQuest (History, 1-12)

SQUILT Music Appreciation

How to do this without a curriculum