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These articles were written for the anxious parents who suddenly find themselves considering homeschooling due to Covid-19, but they apply to any new homeschooler at any time. You will find encouragement, resources, and advice here. Maybe you have gone to Google or Pinterest and tried to search for homeschool ideas or information, and you have found yourself completely overwhelmed! Here you can find a pared down list of resources to help you get started. They may not be what you stick with long term, but THAT’S OKAY. They will at least help you take a step forward. Then you’ll take another and another, and you’ll soon find yourself not needing hand-holding anymore! Good luck on this wonderful adventure! It just may change your life (for the better)!

Homeschooling Tips and Advice for the Anxious Parent

Are You a Homeschool Newbie? Here’s What You Need to Know…

More Than One Way to Homeschool Well

How To Combine Your Kids for Many Subjects

Homeschool Math Resources

Homeschool Language Arts Resources

Live Online Homeschool Class Options

Preschool and Kindergarten Resources

FREE Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Podcast Suggestions

Relationship Tips for Homeschooling

Homeschool Co-Ops

Routines and Schedules

Great Book Lists

FREE Audio Books for Kids

Books About Homeschooling

Facebook Groups for Homeschoolers

Activities for Preschoolers During School Time

Homeschooling Through Anxiety and Depression

High Quality Early Readers

Are You a School Teacher Considering Homeschooling?