What’s in the Box? Game – Part One – Free Math Tutoring Video

Kids LOVE the game in this free math tutoring video! The more you play it up, the better. I couldn’t show that very well here because of having to hold the camera at the same time. Make it FUN!!!

This can also be played in pairs or groups – perfect for a classroom!

I’d say the most important use of this game is to teach the number bonds through 10 (numbers that add up to 10 or less). Once children have those memorized, they can use that information to do any other math without having to memorize anything else! (though, I will say that it is very helpful to have QUICK recall of multiplication facts. But, kids should also know how to figure out the facts if they ever forget. More on that in a later video….)

I got this idea from Crewton Ramone’s House of Math. Lots of good ideas there. He uses different blocks than the Cuisenaire Rods we do, but it’s the same basic idea.