Activities for Preschoolers During School Time

Magnetic Building Blocks

Sensory Bins

“Washing” dishes in the sink

A hose and a shovel

Paint the deck/gate/wall with water

Glue sticks, tape, and miscellaneous paper products you have around the house

A BIG box (check department stores) and crayons

Masking tape and recycling materials


Pattern blocks and cards

Lacing cards

Pony beads and pipe cleaners or shoelaces

Busy/Quiet Book

Cutting the grass with scissors

DUPLO Blocks

Playdough/Modeling Clay

Bag/bowl of buttons and muffin tins for sorting

Sandbox or Sand Table

Kinetic Sand

Dried beans/lentils and different sized spoons and bowls

Kiddie Pool or Water Table

Chalk and Easel

Freeze big containers with little treasures inside and let them hammer away

Small Tent

Paper and child scissors

Ball Pit

Homemade hammock for under the dining room table

Audio Books

Train Set

Rod and Staff ABC workbooks


Facebook Groups for Homeschoolers

Before I give you links, I just want to warn you of something you already know. INFORMATION OVERLOAD IS A REAL THING! Don’t get sucked into the vortex. These are great resources to have available, but don’t let them steal your joy!

Homeschool Successfully, Perfection Not Required

General homeschooling group.


Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers

Specific to the Charlotte Mason method.


Mere Motherhood

Homeschooling and Motherhood. Christian. Created by Cindy Rollins, homeschool mom who has graduated 8 boys and 1 girl.


Charlotte Mason/Ambleside/Living Books

Used “living” books for sale.


Reshelving Alexandria

Parents who are trying to curate the highest quality books for their home library.


Classical/Charlotte Mason/Eclectic Homeschoolers

Many groups can become echo chambers. This one is eclectic enough to not let that happen as much.


It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School

High School specific!


There are also many boards that are specifically for a particular curriculum. If you need help with understanding how to implement your curriculum, try searching it on Facebook. Instagram has A LOT of awesome inspiration, but it is even more likely to steal your joy, so I’m not linking to it here. Enter that world at your own risk!

Books About Homeschooling

These are books that either I or my friends have read and highly recommend.



Teaching From Rest

I listen to this at least yearly. It calms the anxiety of feeling like I’m not doing enough. It brings peace to my heart. It helps me refocus on the most important things. This is the most commonly mentioned book when new homeschoolers ask for suggestions!


Rethinking School

This book would be especially good for those of you who plan to put your kids back in school next year. It is not a homeschooling book but is written to everyone with children. Some really good information here.


The Call of the Wild and Free

If you are a new homeschooler, this book will help open your eyes to the possibilities of a freer, richer education.


Brave Learner

How to make education an exciting, enchanting experience for your kids. (Some advice here leans a little too close to the unparenting side of unschooling for my tastes, so use discernment as you read. Don’t let that dissuade you, though! This is a very popular book and will help inspire you and loosen you up if you are an anxious, Type A person!)


The Read Aloud Family

Inspiring book that will convince you of the benefits of reading aloud to your kids. This one always gets high praise.


Better Together

A guide to what Morning Time is and how it can enrich your family life.


Homeschooling Gifted Kids

Great guide for those new to homeschooling and raising bright, intense, asynchronous kiddos.




For the Children’s Sake

The most often recommended book for people who are curious about the Charlotte Mason method. This is the book that started the movement in the United States. It feels a bit dated now, but very inspirational. It will give you a new vision for your family. This is my Goodreads review: “A ‘must read’ for every Christian parent, no matter where your children go to school. This will give you a vision for what a good education and a good childhood can and should look like.”


Know and Tell

THE book about narration from Kindergarten through graduation.


The Living Page

All about the various notebooks in a Charlotte Mason education. Enlightening.


Consider This

One of my tippy top favorite homeschooling books. This discusses Classical and Charlotte Mason education. Enlightening. Convincing. Paradigm-shifting. This is the book that convinced me to use the Charlotte Mason method and allowed me to ALSO call myself a Classical educator.


A Philosophy of Education

If you are only going to read one book by Charlotte Mason, let this be the one. This one was written last and lays out her philosophy, going over each subject individually. This would be a fascinating read for any schoolteachers out there! Your mind will be blown! I basically underlined the whole thing.



Last Child in the Woods

The power of nature in a child’s life.


Mere Motherhood

A view from the other side of the trenches. Written by a mom of 8 boys and 1 girl who has become an inspiration to thousands of homeschooling moms around the world.


A Thomas Jefferson Education

If you are looking for a mix of classical and unschooling, this is your book!