Great Book Lists

Most of these are book lists I have used and enjoyed for our family while homeschooling through the years! When you have one or more voracious readers, you’ve got to stay ahead of them! There was no way I could preview all books before my daughter read them. These are the lists I trusted (or would trust if I’d known about them at the time) to give me high quality selections that promote the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. (That doesn’t mean there is nothing ugly or evil in these books. Far from it! But sometimes you need to see how dark evil is in order to see the true strength and light of the Good.)

A little plug: Our family owns and operates where we sell vintage children’s books! After looking through the lists below, you can find many of the books for sale on our website so please check it out and support our small business!  🙂

1000 Good Books

Read Aloud Revival

Charlotte Mason Plenary

Well Educated Heart

Reshelving Alexandria (now free to the public!)

Sonlight (Christian)

Bookshark (secular)

Sabbath Mood Living Science Books

Living Math Books

Ursa Minor (7th-12th grade)

Ambleside Online (check especially the literature and read aloud sections)

Wildwood Curriculum