Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number

The concept in this free math video can be introduced in 1st and 2nd grade with small numbers, then increased to larger numbers as the child becomes more comfortable with multiplication of whole numbers. It’s easy when you can SEE it!

Multiplying a Whole Number by a Fraction

This free math video gives an activity that should be done after a child has a lot of practice using Cuisenaire Rods to represent fractions. Start out with the easier problems. Don’t move to the harder problems too quickly. Let the child lead the pace.

Manipulatives like Cuisenaire Rods help all children, but especially those with visual and kinesthetic learning styles, to grasp the math concepts that might otherwise go over their heads.

Fractions that Equal One

In this free math video, a bright 7-year-old gets a brief intro to fractions that equal one whole. Do this with various lengths until you see the light bulb go on in the student’s mind. It will take longer for some than others.

Cuisenaire Rods provide a visual and kinesthetic way for children to learn about numbers. They are also great for kids with dyslexia and dyscalculia!