Math War Game – Part Two – Free Math Tutoring Video

This free math tutoring video introduces two more game suggestions for practicing mental addition or subtraction. This is the more advanced version so be sure to do the games in the previous video for a while before starting these games.

If you haven’t seen them, check out my other videos in Mental Math. They explain how to teach this method of addition and subtraction using manipulatives, such as Cuisenaire Rods or an abacus.

The idea for this game came from the Singapore (Primary Mathematics) math curriculum. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for one that will develop number sense and mental math skills!

Forget Finger Counting! – Free Math Tutoring Video

This free math tutoring video will encourage you to forget finger counting! Finger Counting should be left behind (or, even better, not taught at all) after Kindergarten. Beginning at 1st grade level math (or adding and subtracting within 20) children should be taught mental math strategies in order to figure out answers. Counting is not figuring. Counting is chanting a memorized list. We want our children’s minds actively engaged in the mental manipulation of numbers so that they develop and solidify number sense within themselves.

Mental Math Subtraction – Part Two – Free Math Tutoring Video

Here is part two in the free math tutoring videos showing you how to teach subtraction using mental math strategies. This particular strategy is about “taking from the ten” and is SO much more useful than counting back. It is often easier than the way I showed in part one, especially if you are subtracting 6, 7, 8, or 9.

Three manipulatives are shown as options for teaching this concept – plastic eggs, an abacus and Cuisenaire Rods. Feel free to substitute your own manipulatives. The important thing is that the children have something to TOUCH as well as look at when learning how to subtract this way. Enough times of doing it with manipulatives and they will begin to internalize the structure of the method and won’t need them anymore.