The Puzzle Game

The thing I like about the game in this free math video is that you can get in a lot of number bonds practice in a very small amount of time. When a child is first learning the Cuisenaire Rods, there is no need to mention any number names or the word “subtraction.” Just seeing the color combinations is enough. Once the child knows the number names of the rods you can start using those in your conversation as you play. Notice the many ways I talk about the number bond combinations in the video. Sometimes I say something like, “Three and what make seven?” or, “What goes with three to make seven,” and sometimes I say, “Seven minus what is three?”

Don’t forget to have fun! My 4-year-old loves that she “beats me” every time we play this game! Doing this for 10 minutes per day for a week has proven great results!

Discoveries with Big Numbers

Here’s a quick free math video of my daughter making 3,000 with our Base Ten Blocks and Cuisenaire Rods. We only have 9 blue hundreds so she had to make another hundred, and, in the process, discovered that 4(1+3+5+7+9) = 100! I’m sorry I didn’t leave the camcorder on for our discussion about that afterward!

Lots of neat things to discover when you use Cuisenaire Rods!