More Than One Way to Homeschool Well

Homeschooling does not have to look like your child staring at a computer all day or filling out workbooks at a desk for 6 hours. It doesn’t HAVE TO look like school-at-home. Here is an excellent article to help you begin researching the various ways homeschooling can be done. It has pros and cons to each method plus links to curricula and blogs devoted to each particular method. Narrowing down which method you prefer will help narrow down curriculum choices:

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods

We lean strongly toward the Charlotte Mason and Classical (Liberal Arts Tradition) methods, but I have friends who have found success with other methods, too!

And it is okay to mix methods! Many people use textbooks for Math, Language Arts, and Foreign Language (skill subjects), then use one of the more organic methods for other (content) subjects. Find what works for your family!