Times-Tac-Toe Game – Free Math Tutoring Video

I found the game in this free math tutoring video at LetsPlayMath.net. We just added Cuisenaire Rods to it to give that visual and tactile representation of the numbers. This is a fun way to practice your multiplication facts!

What’s in the Box? – Multiplication and Division – Free Math Tutoring Video

Here’s a really quick free math tutoring video on how you can play “What’s in the Box?” with Cuisenaire Rods for multiplication and division concepts.

Hidden Products – Free Math Tutoring Video

This free math tutoring video shows a great activity for children to work independently with in practicing their multiplication facts. Set it up and let them at it!

I found this activity while I was watching videos from Crewton Ramone’s House of Math. Lots of great stuff there!