Multiplication and Division Concepts

How to Teach Multiplication
Single Color Trains
Introducing Multiplication & Division Concepts
Introducing Multiplication as Rectangles
Commutative Property of Multiplication
Introducing the Distributive Property
Multiplication Strategy Game
Hidden Products
Teaching Division
What’s in the Box? – Multiplication/Division
Skip Count by threes
Square Numbers
What on Earth is the Distributive Property?
Multiplication War
Race to 200
Division with Remainders
Prime and Composite Numbers
Learning About Factors
Learning About Multiples
Least Common Multiples
How Crazy Can You Make It?!?
How Crazy Can You Make It?!? – Part Two

How Crazy Can You Make It?!? Game – Part Two – Free Math Tutoring Video

This time around we started without paper and just used the Cuisenaire Rods. I tried to help my girls see more interesting ways of naming numbers to help develop more number sense and especially to work on fractions skills. This is a great activity to do to help you know where a child is at in their understanding and to help stretch their thinking to more mature ways of viewing numbers. You can work on all sorts of skills. It’s the type of activity that can be done many ways and at many levels!

Long Division – Part Three – Free Math Tutoring Video

This is part three in the series of videos about long division. This free math tutoring video has divisors and quotients that are 2-digit numbers and shows how you can use drawings to aid in the conceptual understanding of these types of problems. This method works especially well for visual, right-brained, or global learners.

For more practice, click here to download a worksheet.