Counting On

This free math video shows me introducing my 4-year-old to the concept of counting on. Having a visual with the Cuisenaire Rods helps make it more concrete. We also count to 50 and talk a little bit about teen numbers. Academics should be fun at this age, not drudgery!

Introducing Teen Numbers – Part Two

This free math video shows me combining the rods with numerals into the teens and then we go on to name the “tens” (20, 30, 40, etc.) This was her first experience with this idea of place value. We’ll be going over this many times before it really sinks in.

Introducing Teen Numbers – Part One

This free math video is of me introducing teen numbers to my 4-year-old. She already knew how to count past 20, but that doesn’t mean she knows what those numbers actually mean or that she understands place value! Cuisenaire Rods help children see the structure in our number system. They are visual and kinesthetic, therefore, information learned while using them is stored more easily in the brain.