Long Division – Part Two – Free Math Tutoring Video

This is the second free math tutoring video in the long division series. These problems have divisors and quotients that are between 10 and 19. Doing multiplication problems with Cuisenaire Rods where they multiply teen numbers would be an excellent intro to this topic. This method enables children to truly understand what the long division algorithm is all about instead of simply memorizing the steps. It is great for visual and kinesthetic learners!

For more practice, click here to download a worksheet.

Long Division – Part One – Free Math Tutoring Video

This is the first of several free math tutoring videos that show how to do long division using Cuisenaire Rods to aid in conceptual understanding. Most people have no idea WHY the long division algorithm works. They’ve just memorized the steps without understanding. This may work for many people, but there are a whole lot of children in school today who have sequencing issues, who struggle with memorizing the steps to math formulas that have no meaning to them, who simply want to understand WHY all this stuff works. Those children will be better served if their teachers understand why and can teach from a conceptual framework instead of a formula-driven approach. Even for those students who are willing to just “memorize the formula,” this method will be beneficial because it builds a clearer understanding of the decimal system and the distributive property which will give them confidence that they really do understand and are “good at” math.

I discovered this way of teaching long division through Crewton Ramone’s House of Math. I’ve changed his method very slightly to what makes more sense to me, but it is essentially the same idea. This method is ingenious. I don’t know why more people don’t know about it!

For more practice, click here to download a worksheet.

Division with Remainders – Free Math Tutoring Video

The concept of division with remainders can be confusing to kids, especially once you get into those big numbers and fractional remainders. Using Cuisenaire Rods from the start will help kids intuitively understand division with remainders.